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    NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Kim Gietzen531538-7
    2Carl Rose36-4.840.8-4.2
    3Kai Sommer420.741.3-3.7
    3Olli Möllemann39-2.341.3-3.7
    5Michael Jehle453.341.7-3.3
    6Michael Faber43142-3
    7Andreas Wolfsohn40-2.242.2-2.8
    8Kay Büttner496.142.9-2.1
    9Carsten Schönbach51843-2
    10Fabian May472.544.5-0.5
    11Philipp Ludwig44-1450
    12Ivan Ilin482.745.30.3
    12Sven Karutz493.745.30.3
    14Jonas Blossey471.345.70.7
    15Janek Buchheim504.145.90.9
    16Ronny Möller501.248.83.8
    17Antonia Faber500.349.74.7
    18René Grabowski587516

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415+/-Sum
    1Carl Rose -9F223222324233222-936
    2Olli Möllemann -6F232333332332223-639
    3Andreas Wolfsohn -5F223243332332323-540
    4Kai Sommer -3F232332332332353-342
    5Michael Faber -2F334332332423323-243
    6Philipp Ludwig -1F233243333342234-144
    7Michael Jehle 0F333253333332333045
    8Fabian May +2F234353334333323+247
    8Jonas Blossey +2F333333344423333+247
    10Ivan Ilin +3F323333444334234+348
    11Sven Karutz +4F232233544353334+449
    11Kay Büttner +4F343333334332354+449
    13Janek Buchheim +5F333334454324333+550
    13Antonia Faber +5F332233344433373+550
    13Ronny Möller +5F333533344333334+550
    16Carsten Schönbach +6F434433344432235+651
    17Kim Gietzen +8F234343344444524+853
    18René Grabowski +13F443453536433353+1358
    19Fiona Faber +32F454574556666446+3277

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