23.06.2019  06/23/19 10:45

    NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Elias Ludwig8865.222.8-16.2
    2Kim Gietzen4112.928.1-10.9
    3Anna Finzel4611.834.2-4.8
    4Detlef Höpfner427.534.5-4.5
    5Michael Jehle38236-3
    6Hans Behrendt5316.936.1-2.9
    7Bo Frey414.836.2-2.8
    8Tom Howie541737-2
    9Janek Buchheim413.537.5-1.5
    10Sascha Lehne468.437.6-1.4
    11Fabian May380.337.7-1.3
    11Ronny Möller391.337.7-1.3
    13Jens Stelter41338-1
    14Alexander Voigt390390
    15Kai Sommer39-
    16Christian Friedrich422.639.40.4
    17Philipp Ludwig39-1.340.31.3
    18Andreas Wolfsohn38-2.840.81.8
    19Kay Büttner465412
    20Daniel Blank40-1.341.32.3
    21Sebastian Dargel486423
    22Olli Möllemann39-3.342.33.3
    23Sven Karutz463.142.93.9

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213+/-Sum
    1Andreas Wolfsohn -1F2332434332234-138
    1Fabian May -1F3333323333324-138
    1Michael Jehle -1F3323333324234-138
    4Alexander Voigt0F3234333433323039
    4Ronny Möller 0F3333333333333039
    4Kai Sommer 0F2324333353233039
    4Philipp Ludwig 0F3332433334323039
    4Olli Möllemann 0F4322433333324039
    9Daniel Blank +1F3333443323324+140
    10Kim Gietzen +2F2323344333344+241
    10Bo Frey +2F3333334333334+241
    10Janek Buchheim +2F3333344333333+241
    10Jens Stelter +2F3332433324344+241
    14Detlef Höpfner +3F3333343333344+342
    14Christian Friedrich +3F3343443323235+342
    16Sven Karutz +7F3343633343335+746
    16Philipp Röbke +7F3333335344354+746
    16Kay Büttner +7F3463324433335+746
    16Anna Finzel +7F3334533344344+746
    16Sascha Lehne +7F4333444433344+746
    21Sebastian Dargel +9F3454543343334+948
    22Hans Behrendt +14F4463544454334+1453
    23Tom Howie +15F3443534563347+1554
    24Elias Ludwig+49F7679876757568+4988

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