K4 short layout. K2 is currently in mixed B and C positions. Play K1 short holes to C.  05/08/21 14:00
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  • Comment: CTPs - K2 Holes- H4 2nd shot,H5,H8,H14, H16 2nd shot, H17 2nd shot, H18 2nd shot. K1-S-17C.

1Randy Beers +6F333323243335533435+660
1Ovy Ramirez +6F344332333343433633+660
3Rolo Ruiz del Vizo +9F433433423325472524+963
4Orlando Leiva +10F335344334343433444+1064
5Andrew Pouya +11F434433343433473334+1165
5Craig Wiseman +11F344334353633343443+1165
7Eddy Discgolf +13F534525433534352524+1367
7Alexis Gonzalez +13F334533432344553535+1367
9John Wing +17F344544434444454335+1771
9Luis Gil +17F345433433534353646+1771
11Frank Vega +23F4444434264444103544+2377

Hole-by-hole statistics

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8 ctps, no handicaps. Pay before the round starts. Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub Paypal - miamidiscgolf#gmail.com  K4- $1 club $ 1 ace $8 ctps $1 mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.


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