11/03/20 16:00 Golfstart|Kendall Indian Hammocks K2 old → K2-A|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

Round 4  11/03/20 16:00
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  • Comment: CTPs K1S - 1,4,6,9,17. K1L - 1,4,7,9,17. K2 - 2,5,10,11,13. K1 H3, road OB, yellow line OB. If disc doesn't cross island, go to drop zone on island. K1 H18 and K2 H1 no OB hedge line. K2 H1 pavement and beyond OB.

No Result (Sum)Handicap (HC)Summary (Sum-HC)
Ryan Bobson64  
Alexis Gonzalez66  
andrew pouya56  
Sebastian Perez55  
Craig wiseman59  
1Frank Vargas503.353.3
2Carlos Garcia513.354.3
Devin Aedo504.454.4
Emilio Condis57-1.255.8
JC Canaves64-7.356.7
Donald Everage591.760.7
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Frank Vargas -4F332233333233242333-450
1Devin Aedo -4F332332333222333334-450
3Carlos Garcia -3F333334223333233332-351
4Sebastian Perez +1F334323534242233333+155
5andrew pouya +2F324433333333333334+256
6Emilio Condis +3F433423233243533433+357
7Craig wiseman +5F324423353344424432+559
7Donald Everage +5F435334333233433433+559
9JC Canaves +10F335435332346433343+1064
9Ryan Bobson +10F325344353432444443+1064
11Alexis Gonzalez +12F325346433243265452+1266

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