04/19/22 17:00|Kendall Indian Hammocks K3 old → K3-B|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

Round  04/19/22 17:00
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  • Comment: Park by K3 H1 (the big field). Mark CTPs - 4, 8, 13, 16, K2-12, K2-10. K2-12 is paid only if 12 people or more paid for CTPs. Pay Before the Round! Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub

No Result (Sum)
cmAdam Zwibelman55
cmAlexis Gonzalez62
amBernie Rodriguez56
cmCarlos Garcia63
cmChristian Lopez59
cmCraig Wiseman64
cmDavid Espinosa61
cmDonald Everage62
cEmilio Condis63
cmFrank Vargas57
aJC Canaves63
cmJorge Guzman57
cmMario Guerra66
aNicholas Munoz66
cmNicholas Toledo55
aNolan Hernandez61
cOrlando Leiva60
amPedro Vera60
cmRandy Beers55
amRolo Ruiz del Vizo53
cSebastian Perez64
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Rolo Ruiz del Vizo -2F333335323333233332-253
2Nicholas Toledo 0F334333333332334333055
2Adam Zwibelman 0F333344334333333232055
2Randy Beers 0F333234324333543232055
5Bernie Rodriguez +1F333344233333534232+156
6Frank Vargas +2F433336334333233233+257
6Jorge Guzman +2F333344333433244233+257
8Christian Lopez +4F334344333433344233+459
9Orlando Leiva +5F334334334343424433+560
9Pedro Vera +5F334345324442334333+560
11David Espinosa +6F334245334333344433+661
11Nolan Hernandez +6F443344224443345332+661
13Alexis Gonzalez +7F333335334343634333+762
13Donald Everage +7F343336335433334333+762
15Carlos Garcia +8F334346244333334344+863
15Emilio Condis +8F345344424344344332+863
15JC Canaves +8F433345334334234453+863
18Sebastian Perez +9F333235224333545455+964
18Craig Wiseman +9F334345323333644443+964
20Nicholas Munoz +11F344346323333464344+1166
20Mario Guerra +11F334345423434344454+1166

Hole-by-hole statistics

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Pay before the round starts! Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub Paypal - miamidiscgolf@gmail.com $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $1 mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended. 

New course on 114 ave and 80th Terrace. 15 baskets in new K3 area across 80th Terrace from K2 in the south and west lots. Use K2 Holes 10,11, and 12 to make 18 total. K2 holes are labeled 210, 211, and 212 on the scorecard.

Beyond Berm, on H5 and H11 is OB. Beyond Wooded Fence is OB, Beyond Residential walls and fences is OB. 6 - Mando to the left of the last tree. 8- Sidewalk and beyond for the Palace is OB. 12 - Double Mando first Tree on the left and power pole on the right. 14 - Mando Right of electrical pole.


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