01/02/21 14:00 Golfstart|Kendall Indian Hammocks Park K1 → K1-A Short|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

Round 14  01/02/21 14:00
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  • Comment: CTPs K1S - 1,4,6,9,17. K1L - 1,4,7,9,17. K2 - 2,5,10,11,13. K1 H3, beyond yellow line OB. If OB from either pad, go to drop zone on island. K1 H18 and K2 H1 hedge line OB, drop zone K1 H18. K2 H1 pavement and beyond OB.

No Result (Sum)Handicap (HC)Summary (Sum-HC)Payout
Eddy Discgolf54   
Mark R54   
JC Guerra50   
royce reed52   
Orlando Leiva48   
Carlos Garcia51   
1David smith494.253.215
Ryan Bobson521.353.3 
John Clopton496.355.3 
Denise Cook63-7.355.7 
Eddie Gillette554.559.5 
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Orlando Leiva -6F332332223222333433-648
2David smith -5F333232233223423333-549
2John Clopton -5F232233333233233333-549
4JC Guerra -4F334252332233233232-450
5Carlos Garcia -3F232232332233334326-351
6royce reed -2F432333323223323443-252
6Ryan Bobson -2F243223333234333333-252
8Eddy Discgolf 0F343333333332332334054
8Mark R0F333332233333334334054
10Eddie Gillette +1F333233433234353233+155
12Denise Cook +9F344344332533335434+963

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