07/20/22 17:15|Kendall Indian Hammocks K3 old → K3-C|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

MDGC Teams Week 7 K3-C Singles  07/20/22 17:15
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  • Comment: Park by K2 H13. Mark CTPs - 4, 8, 13, 16, 17(K2-12), 18(K2-10). 17(K2-12) is paid only if 12 people or more paid for CTPs. $5 ctp $3 hcaps $1 ace $1 qualifier. $1 club. All optional. Pay Before Round! Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub

No Result (Sum)HCAdjusted Score
chqChristian Lopez54-56.5-2.5
Donald Everage   
David Espinosa   
chqAlexsandra Breines68-68 
chqRandy Beers56-55.30.7
chqFrank Vargas59-58.30.7
chNelson Mato61-565
chqDevin Aedo61-54.76.3
chqRic Breines68-608
aqRolo Ruiz del Vizo50 50
aqMorris Fabbri54 54
aqJorge Guzman54 54
cqNicholas Toledo55 55
cqMario Guerra56 56
aqPedro Vera57 57
Andres Balanta57 57
cqSebastian Perez59 59
JC Guerra59 59
cqAdam Zwibelman60 60
Avian261 61
cqPreston B. Ransom61 61
aqAvian Angulo61 61
cAndrew Pouya61 61
ccarlos gonzalez61 61
cDavid smith63 63
Emilio Condis63 63
cqDerek Wilcox64 64
Eddie Gillette66 66
cqCraig Wiseman66 66
Ryan Bobson74 74
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Rolo Ruiz del Vizo -6F323234333333233223-650
2Morris Fabbri -2F333334333332243522-254
2Jorge Guzman -2F234344323333234323-254
2Christian Lopez -2F333244324333234323-254
5Nicholas Toledo -1F333234333343333324-155
6Randy Beers0F343235334323433233056
6Mario Guerra 0F324235434333243233056
8Andres Balanta +1F433344323333435232+157
8Pedro Vera +1F333335333343234333+157
10JC Guerra +3F342345334343434223+359
10Frank Vargas +3F343344324243234353+359
10Sebastian Perez +3F334235324343533423+359
13Adam Zwibelman +4F234335344343334333+460
14Nelson Mato +5F234334533342544333+561
14Devin Aedo +5F323335334332454353+561
14carlos gonzalez +5F334244334333345334+561
14Avian Angulo +5F434445225343333333+561
14Andrew Pouya +5F343346324343343333+561
14Preston B. Ransom +5F333245334433445323+561
21David smith +7F334236324445334343+763
21Emilio Condis +7F333344334453434334+763
23Derek Wilcox +8F334245334433535343+864
24Eddie Gillette +10F334446334442444334+1066
24Craig Wiseman +10F434455333453345233+1066
26Alexsandra Breines +12F355357333333444433+1268
26Ric Breines +12F445346434443344324+1268
28Ryan Bobson +18F434456436343645235+1874
29David Espinosa 0-00
29Donald Everage 0-00

Hole-by-hole statistics

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New course on 114 ave and 80th Terrace. 15 baskets in new K3 area across 80th Terrace from K2 in the south and west lots.  Use K2 Holes 10 (K3-18),11 (K3-12), and 12 (K3-17) to make 18 total.

Beyond berm on H5 and H11 is OB.

Beyond Residential walls and fences is OB. 

Beyond Wooded Fence surrounding H13 to 16 area OB,

6 - Mando to the left of the last tree marked.

8 - Sidewalk and beyond for Palace Nursing and Rehab is OB

13 - Double Mando first Tree on the Left and Power pole on the right

15 - Mando to the Right of electrical pole


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