07/15/22 17:00|Kendall Indian Hammocks Park K1 → K1-C Long|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

K1-C-L Friday 5PM  07/15/22 17:00
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  • Comment: Park at H15. CTPs - 2 (2nd), 4, 6, 7 (2nd), 9 and 14. 14 is paid only if 12 or more paid ctp. Pay before round. CashApp $MiamiDiscGolfClub. $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 handicaps $1 q or mulli. Payment is optional. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.

No Result (Sum)HCAdjusted ScorePayout
chmAndrew Pouya59-63-414
chqChristian Lopez59-61.3-2.38
chqAvian Angulo59-61.2-2.25
chmCraig Wiseman60-60 3
chqDevin Aedo58-57.50.5 
chqErik Peterson65-57.37.7 
chqFrank Vargas71-61.49.6 
hmJuan A Alvarez72-61.710.3 
chmRyan Bobson73-58.314.7 
aqRolo Ruiz del Vizo56 56 
aqJorge Guzman57 57 
cqNicholas Toledo58 58 
amCarlos Río58 58 
cqMorris Fabbri59 59 
cqLos61 61 
cqMario Guerra62 62 
cqOrlando Leiva62 62 
cmJonathan Gramling68 68 
cmBebo71 71 
cqSebastian Perez72 72 
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Rolo Ruiz del Vizo -1F333233333333334434-156
2Jorge Guzman 0F335232333333334434057
3Carlos Río +1F343233343333325434+158
3Nicholas Toledo +1F333344342423434333+158
3Devin Aedo +1F333334333334324344+158
6Andrew Pouya +2F433333433333334434+259
6Avian Angulo +2F333333334233433544+259
6Morris Fabbri +2F343443333233434334+259
6Christian Lopez +2F333243442333425434+259
10Craig Wiseman +3F344532432333234444+360
11Los +4F254333343233335426+461
12Mario Guerra +5F334334433333425435+562
12Orlando Leiva +5F335333363334433334+562
14Erik Peterson +8F445234543433324444+865
16Jonathan Gramling +11F444545333334434435+1168
17Frank Vargas +14F354453343434445445+1471
17Bebo +14F356236433434434545+1471
19Juan A Alvarez +15F365343443434444536+1572
19Sebastian Perez +15F344544442344334764+1572
21Ryan Bobson +16F344473543343445544+1673

Hole-by-hole statistics

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CTPs - 2 (2nd shot), 4, 6, 7 (2nd shot), 9 and 14. 14  is paid CTP only if 12 or more paid for ctp. Pay before the round starts. CashApp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub Paypal - miamidiscgolf#gmail.com. $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 handicaps$1 qulaifier or  mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.

H3, yellow line and beyond is OB. Drop zone on island from pad only. H18 beyond hedge line OB, drop zone from pad only. 


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