09/18/20 17:00 Golfstart|Kendall Indian Hammocks Park K1 → K1-B Short|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

Round 1  09/18/20 17:00

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Erik Peterson -6F323232332223333423-648
2Orlando Leiva -5F234232332233333323-549
3Devin Aedo -4F233332233323333324-450
3Mario Guerra -4F233232234233432333-450
3Pedro Vera -4F232233232223533433-450
6Frank Vargas -1F344232333332333333-153
7David smith 0F423232332233334444054
8Eddy Clavijo +1F243333343332334333+155
8Rolo Ruiz del Vizo +1F334233333233333344+155
10Eddie Gillette +2F333332333333353334+256
11Adam Zwibelman +4F333332343433343434+458
11Sebastian Perez +4F322344233333443435+458
13Juan A Alvarez +5F433333333343343344+559
14Donald Everage +7F233343342333463444+761
15JC Canaves +9F346342234323434544+963

Hole-by-hole statistics

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K1 - CTPs 1,4,7,9,17

K2 - CTPs 

K1 Hole 3, the road is OB, yellow line is OB, normal distance OB rules. If disc doesnt cross island, go to drop zone on island from any teepad.
K1 Hole 13, 15, only 1 meter relief from fence not 2.

K1 H18 and K2 H1 no OB for crossing hedges separating fairways. 

K2 Hole 1, long of basket, only pavement and beyond is OB


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